Dedicated Server India


You must know that if the website you are running does not deliver high-speed performance, you can not sustain your brand in the market for long even if the content or service your website provides is of high quality. Therefore, there is a huge significance of web hosting solution as it plays a foremost role in impacting the website’s speed. A dedicated server India is one such web hosting solution with which you can ensure to enhance the speed of your website without any doubt. Via this guide, you will learn in detail how a dedicated server can be your perfect pick for improving the speed and performance of your website.

Also, we have rendered the highlights of the top-notch hosting provider that lets you access all the high-grade benefits of India dedicated server hosting – Hostbillo web hosting company. But before discussing, anything further, let us first apprehend the importance of a website’s speed.

3 Reasons Why a Website Speed is Important?

High Speed Helps to Assuring an Excellent End-User Experience

Here are the reasons why the speed of your website holds utmost importance –

All Internet users in today’s time seek the fastest website performance & loading speed. They tend to switch to another website if the website they visited in the first place takes more than three seconds to load. So, the speed of your website also determines the first impression of your brand or online business. That’s why get the highest speed with dedicated server Hosting India and acquire root access to the resources.

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Speed Has a Great Influence on The SEO Ranking of Your Website

The search engines such as Google have made it quite obvious that they prioritize giving better rankings to websites that have high-speed performance. Therefore, in order to draw more potential users through search engine optimization, it is extremely necessary for you to enable your website to deliver high speed. With the help of a dedicated web server in India, your website acquires the highest processing power and much faster speed. It also enables your website to optimal function during traffic peaks.

Speed Impacts Conversions of Your Website

When your website runs at low speed, delivers slow loading time, or renders fluctuating performance, you need to go through a tough-to-make conversion phase. This is because it becomes difficult to acquire potential customers. At the same time, you can find it quite challenging in retaining existing customers. This is where again the India dedicated server hosting saves your website’s conversions. It enables you to host your website with the needed OS, required applications, and other custom features in order to sustain the current as well as draw new users to the website.You can read: How to set up subdomain on Google Domains

Increase Your Website Speed With The Help of a Dedicated Server Hosting in India

Below-mentioned listed are some excellent hosting privileges you receive with the dedicated web server India, which further help you intensify the speed of your website. Let’s get a rapid glimpse at them!

  • You obtain the liberty to customize the whole dedicated server hosting environment.You can run the preferred operating system and programs that you find compatible with your website. With dedicated hosting, your website obtains the chance to attain maximum uptime in India.You also receive the authority to append the needed level and number of security measures on your dedicated web hosting server in India.You acquire the power to manage, control, and administer your dedicated server in India on your own without any interference.

From Where to Buy India Dedicated Hosting to Increase The Speed of The Website?

It is essential for you to reach out to a renowned and trustworthy web host in order to make the ultimate usage of dedicated server web hosting in India. Here we can confidently suggest you pick the Hostbillo web hosting company. Hostbillo is the most steadfast and world-class web hosting company in India that offers excellent plans at the cheapest possible rates. The company offers the support of top-tier equipment, hardware RAID, and powerful system tools. This enables you to make your website operate at the fastest operational speed and deliver the least loading time. Moreover, with Hostbillo’s cheap dedicated server India plans, you attain the following incredible web hosting features to enhance your website’s speed -You also read: Best Free SEO Tools you need for your website

  • Access to user-friendly and efficacious control panels

  • Guarantee of 99.90% uptime and secure network channels

  • Availability of most progressive data security measures

  • Assurance of the highest network connectivity

  • Access to SSH root access control with the dedicated server hosting IndiaAccess to 100% solid-state drives data storage


A dedicated server is the most promising and competent web hosting solution that facilitates you to host your website successfully in India. It comes with top-grade hosting benefits and provides everything you might require to host your website with full efficiency and utmost ease. With this web server, you get ownership over the whole web hosting space & resources, which lets you operate your web hosting server as you desire.
Moreover, you can seek Hostbillo web hosting company without any suspicion to buy the most suitable plan of the best India dedicated web hosting at the most viable price. The company further ensures cutting-edge hosting facilities and the most advanced technologies support. Also, you may visit the official website of the company to gather more details regarding the top-leading dedicated server hosting plans in India.