Make Playlist on Apple Music

Apple Music makes it easier than ever to get your tunes organized in your own personalized playlists. From creating the perfect mix of songs for a special occasion to making sure your favorite artists have a place of honor, here’s how to make a playlist on Apple Music.

You can stream any of the 90 million songs in the repertoire from a range of devices with Apple Music for you and your family. Here’s how to start using it to your advantage.

All Apple products, including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, HomePod, Apple TV, and Apple Watch, support Apple Music. The Apple CarPlay interface that is incorporated into a car will play Apple Music. For iPod touch devices running iOS 8.4 or later, it will also function.

Along with Apple devices, the service is available on PC and Android gadgets, PlayStation 5 set-top boxes, some Samsung or LG smart TVs, and smart speakers like Sonos, Google Nest, and Amazon Echo.

Download the Apple Music App.

The first step to making playlists on Apple Music is to download the app. The process is incredibly simple and takes only a few minutes. If you already have an iTunes account, you can just log in with your existing log-in information. Once you’re in, go to “your Library” tab and select “Playlists” from the sidebar menu. You can then click “Create a Playlist” and start building your list of tunes.

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Create an account or log in to an existing one.

If you don’t have an existing Apple Music account, you can easily set one up. Go to the website and select “Sign Up” or “Create Account” on the upper right corner of the homepage. Fill in all the required information before beginning your music adventure. Once you’ve done that, it is incredibly easy to get started on making playlists as well as listening to other people’s playlists.

Start searching for music you like, either by artist or genre.

The first step to making the perfect playlist is finding music you enjoy. Whether you’re singing along to the latest hits, exploring a classic artist’s discography, or discovering an entire genre of music, Apple Music has it all! Just type in your preferred artist or genre and you will gain access to endless options on every mood. Select what you want to keep and build up your own personal soundtrack that truly speaks to you.

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Create a playlist folder and give it a name of your choice.

Now that you’ve chosen your music, it’s time to build a personalized playlist of all your favorite songs. To create a folder, tap the + sign in the top-right corner and select “Create Playlist”. Give your future playlist a name of your choice and start adding songs from any artist and all genres. When you are ready, tap on the “Done” button to save all the tunes!

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Begin adding songs from your search results to the newly created folder.

After you’ve created the folder, begin adding songs to it. To do this, search for a song or artist by typing their name in the search bar at the top of the app. Then, select a genre from your results, such as hip-hop or rock. When you’ve found your desired track, tap on it and then select “Add to Playlist” located just under the album info. Finally, add any additional tracks of your choice and hit the “Done” button to save your new playlist!

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