phone problems

1: Overheating

Mobile phone overheating is when a mobile phone becomes too hot. The hotness of mobile phones is unbearable sometimes and we wonder what could cause a sudden change in its temperature, many factors cause it and some can spoil the phone totally. If you are experiencing such problems on your phone, don’t worry, here are the causes and the solution to solve the problem.


  • When the mobile phone battery gets spoiled, it occasionally changes its temperature.
  • When a charger that is more powerful than the phone is used, it increases its temperature or spoils the phone.
  • The temperature of the environment also changes mobile phone temperature.
  • When is being used while charging
  • When many apps are opened at a time for long
  • When phone brightness is high


  1. Avoid using phone while charging time
  2. Keep your phone at a cool place
  3. Closes many apps that are opened
  4. Reduce the brightness level of your phone
  5. Check the charge and change it if is faulty or more powerful
  6. Check the charge and change it if is faulty or more powerful

2: Frozen, slow, or hang

A freezing phone is when the mobile phone is at a low speed. This is very annoying especially when you are doing something important on your phone. This happened to the phone because of its capacity or capacity usage which will be listed below and how to solve the problem.


  • When internal storage fills up
  • When allocated storage is small
  • When processor speed is slow
  • When installed RAM size is small
  • App cache: When many app caches are stored
  • Wallpapers: When the size of your wallpaper is big
  • App installation: Recent installed App can cause a phone to work slowly


  1. Deleting unused apps, videos, and photos
  2. Insert microSD card and move all big files to it
  3. Delete app cache
  4. Uninstall App recent App that you think might slow your phone

If any of the above methods doest not working then you need to restore your phone to factory data. Click here to see tutoria on how to restoe your phone.

3: Connectivity issues

When you have an issue connecting to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, it might be either a setting problem or an OS problem, and the issue can be traced to any of the causes listed below:


  • When your OS is corrupted 
  • When a wrong setting is done


  1. Enable Airplane on your phone and disable it after some minutes 
  2. Restart your phone
  3. Restore your phone settings 
  4. Change or repair your phone OS

4: Apps not downloading

It happens sometimes when you find it difficult to download an app on your phone, you might need the App urgently but when you get to the site to download it you find it difficult. There are some possible reasons to that.


  • Bad Network: Bad network prevents an App to download
  • Google playstore settings error is another cause when you did a wrong setting in your Google play store.


  1. Switch to another network if you are using more than one network provider, or wait till the network is good
  2. Make sure you sign in Gmail account on your Googleplay App

5: Wet phone

It happens some time that you found your mobile phone fell inside water, water is an electrical conductor that can conduct electricity, when your phone fall, don’t try to on it immediately so that it won’t supply electric charges wrongly to the components of the phone and don’t shake the phone to avoid the spread of the water across the components. When it happens that your phone fell inside water, follow the procedures below. How to fix your water damaged phone



  1. Remove the cell battery and the SIM card of the phone immediately
  2. Lose the panel of the phone with screwdrivers:
  3. Dry the phone with the sunlight but if it has been long the phone has fallen or if it fell inside a liquid other than water, get a toothbrush with methylated spirit or undiluted petrol, then brush the panel thoroughly but slightly and avoid the removal of any component from the board, then dry the panel with sunlight or rework station with light heat.
  4. Couple the phone and insert the battery. Try to check the terminal of the battery and make sure that it is dried and cleaned, then on the phone.

6: Forgot password, pin, pattern, or unrecognized fingerprint

We forget password, pin, or pattern we used on our handling phone sometimes to stress we might have passed through, sickness or when we keep the phone at home for long without using it, when we go back to it we may forget the password, pin or pattern we used on the phone. When such happens you don’t need through away the mobile phone or abandon it, there is are solutions to get back your mobile.


The best solution is whipping out your phone data by restoring it factory data, this can be achieved by some process. How to restore your phone to it’s factory data

7: Unrecognized SDcard

Mobile phones’ inner storage is varies based on the type of phone we buy, small space storage is allocated to some phones due to their feature, if your phone storage is not enough for you and there is a need to increase it, you will need to insert an SDcard. When you inserted the SDcared and you find out that it is not working, there are 5 or more possible reasons thatcould cause it:

If it is the SDcard taht is not working, you can confirm this by testing the Sdcard on another mobile phone or inserting it in a card reader and testing it on a PC.


If you test it on several devices and it doesn’t work you can try to get petrol chemical or kerosene to clean the metal part of the Sdcard or you can scratch the surface with a metal component just to remove all the dirty substance or rust to make the surface clean, but if the SDcard doesn’t work after all those processes, that means you need to get another SDcard.

If the SDcard works on another device you can go to the next option by checking your phone condition, this may be a software or hardware problem. To solve the software problem you will need to go and adjust some settings on your mobile phone, this can be achieved by going to the setting or File, you will see an option asking either to mount your SDcard or not, choose “allow” option then go back and check your SDcard if it is working or not.  If it doesn’t then you need to move to the next option which is a hardware problem.

Hardware problems can be solved either by cleaning the metal on which the SDcard is mounted on your phone or straightening their mouths. You can clean this metal part with a cleaned cotton with a small amount of petrol chemical, rub it on the metal gently to avoid breaking any part of the metal. The metal parts can be straightened by fingers but it should be done with care.

8: Not charging

When your phone is connected to a plugged charger but it is not charging or shows signs of charging but actually not charging, it is just at the same percentage or bar you left it after some hours. There is some reason your phone is not charging, the problem comes either from the charger or the mobile phone itself, and are solutions to both which will be explained below.


Charger problem, this can happen if the charger has spoilt or getting to totally spoil. To know if it is the charger problem, test the charger on another phone, if it is not working on them it means you will need to buy another charger, but if it is working properly on another phone then we can conclude that the problem is from the mobile phone.

The common problem when a phone is not charging is the charging port problem, charging port can be repaired by soldering the charging port component firmly, changing the charging ICs, or charging port component. If you are not sure you can do this yourself, you are advised to give an expert to do it for you.

9: Boot

A Mobile phone is an electrical Gadget, unfortunately, all electrical gadgets develop faults unexpectedly, so this pissed the users off because mobile phones serve many things. Mobile phone problems can not be beyond two types, whether software problems or hardware problems, many problems can be developed from each type.

Sometimes your phone will suddenly off itself without falling on anything and when you try to on it back it fails, it can bring a blank page,  showing a battery image,  a cross icon on the screen, other error message or similar problem, here is the solution than can take you some money by taking it to an engineer. This tutorial will teach you how to solve the problem. Follow the following simple steps to get it solved yourself


  1. Press and hold volume up + power key or volume up + volume down + power key or volume up + down button + power key or Volume up + Home + Power key or Home + Power key or volume button + Camera key (if it has), this key combination varies from device to device. Similar devices will likely use similar key combinations.
  2. Release the buttons when the device is powered on, it will bring a screen with different options listed.
  3. Press the Volume Up and Volume Down keys to scroll through the options.
  4. When you see Recovery mode on the list, then press the power button to select, this will take you to restart the phone into recovery mode
  5. Hold down the Power key and tap Volume keys when you see an Android with a red triangle on it, then another option will be listed with the title Android system recovery
  6. Select wipe data/factory reset with the volume keys and tap the Power button.
  7. Select Yes by pressing the power key when it brings Yes or No options, this will reset your device to its factory state and all your data will be erased.
  8. The above steps will restore your device to its factory settings, if it does not restore your device then visit an engineer, possibly your phone has developed a hardware problem.

10: Call denying from a particular number

If you can receive calls from anyone except a particular number there is an issue needed to be fixed. What actually caused the problem is either you mistakenly blocked the person or you added the person’s number to the black list.


This can be resolved by following some steps. Go to settings/contacts > blocklists. The remove the particular number from the lists.

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