switching off a computer

A computer system has 4 states in which it can be switched off, each state is chosen based on what the user is aimed at switching off the system, maybe he has finally done with it or other activities need to be attended to quickly somewhere else, so choosing which state to leave the computer comes into play now.

In determining how the computer should be switched off, there are four ways available, they are; Shutdown, Sleep, Hibernate, and Hybrid, each state is explained below:

1. Shutdown

In this state, the computer system is totally off and both the hardware and the software of the system are closed down, all power supplied to the computer system ceases from having an impact on the system hardware, when the computer is on after being shut down the hardware initialized and the programs start to be functioning again. it takes view seconds before the system totally comes back alive because the system has to pass through the boot process, the fast boot of a system depends on the type of system


2. Sleeep

In this state the system is partially off, it enters a low power state, hardware are closed but program activities are running and data are saved in the memory so when the computer system is on from sleep state everything comes back to where it’s left, the running program and the opened documents appear exactly where they are left, the system starts up quickly in seconds, it does not require any boot process.

3. Hibernate

The system saves the content of its memory to disk (hard-drive) so when the system is on from hibernate state the previous activities are loaded back from where they are stored (hard-drive). No data or running program has been tampered with, they appear exactly where and how they are left, hibernate state consumes more power than a sleep state.

4. Hybrid

It has characters of both sleep and hibernates state, the system saves the content of its memory to the disc of its memory (hard-drive) as hibernate state does and it enters low power state as sleep state does. Hybrid is commonly known with desktop computers.


How to put the system into the mentioned state


  1. Click on the window icon at the bottom-left of your computer screen, it popup a page
  2. Click on the power icon
  3. Then choose the state you want